American Hindu Extremists Fail in Media Intimidation Campaign

September 21, 2002

Hindu extremist groups in the U.S failed in their attempts to intimidate PBS. PBS refused to scrap or make changes in its documentary, “Soul of a Nation” that aired on September 19th. The documentary dealt with the Gujarat pogrom in which more than 2000 Muslim civilians were butchered or burnt alive and more than 600 girls and women gang-raped before being burnt and hacked to death. The documentary raised disturbing questions about the spread of Hindutva hate schools all over India.

Militant Hindu websites have been urging their supporters to contact PBS masquerading as Christians and threaten to harm PBS financially.

Indian Muslim Council, a nationwide advocacy group for a pluralistic India, launched a successful campaign in support of the Freedom of Speech and PBS. Moderate Hindus and other Indian minority groups helped IMC -USA in its campaign.

IMC-USA Condemns Media-Intimidation Campaign by Hindutva-Fascists

September 16, 2002

Indian Muslim Council- USA condemns the campaign of intimidation against the US media by extremist Hindu organizations based in the US.

PBS will be showing a documentary, “Soul of a Nation”, on the recent ethnic cleansing in Gujarat, India in which over 2000 Muslims were killed, more than 600 women were raped and burnt alive and over 150,000 Muslims displaced. This violence was perpetrated by the right wing Hindu ruling party in India that claims the subjugation of minorities as its “Hindutva “ideology.

The Hindutva-fascist fronts are well organized in the United States. Recently they have launched a massive campaign to condemn and stop the showing of this PBS documentary “Soul of India” that exposes their involvement in the carnage. The documentary is to air on September 19th at 9pm ET (Soul of a Nation

Hate rape of a Muslim girl condemned

September 03, 2002

It is being reported by the Associated Press and the Mercury News that Sanjay Nair, an 18 year old Hindu, raped a fifteen year old girl in Palo Alto, CA on Friday, August 30th. According to these news reports the Palo Alto police is calling the rape a hate crime, because the rapist allegedly made anti-Muslim comments during the rape.

We condemn this heinous act of rape in the strongest possible terms. Rape is a grave crime and the fact that it was committed against a minor and as a hate crime, magnifies its severity many folds.

If it is true that the rapist uttered anti-Muslim statements while he raped the under age girl, as reported by the police, then it brings home to the Indian community the pain of hundreds of girls gang raped in Gujarat, India and then brutally killed at the hands of Hindutva-fascists.