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IAMC-Dallas Annual Fundraiser‏

by iamcadmin on June 13, 2011

Indian American Muslim Council, a non-profit advocacy group based in Chicago, IL, has taken on the task to defend the civil liberties and also to highlight the issues Muslims in particular face in India so as to create a more humane criminal justice system. IAMC will be partnering with the Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) to provide pro bono and low cost legal aid service to those who are unable to pay for their legal representation. The Human Rights Law Network, which is the equivalent of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in the USA, is the largest Human Rights legal network in India with presence in 25 cities across India.

IAMC has invited the executive director of HRLN, Mr. Harsh Dhobal, on a nationwide tour to the USA to raise awareness about this critical issue and other legal challenges Muslims face in the criminal justice system in India.

“The Muslims, in their mutual love, kindness and compassion are like the human body: when one of its parts is in agony, the entire body feels the pain, both in sleeplessness and fever” – Prophet Muhammad
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