by IAMC Admin on April 25, 2008

2nd IMC convention was held in 2004 in Chicago.

India’s Muslims: Past, Present and Future will be the theme of IMC-USA’s second annual convention.

Meet interact and network with Indian and Muslim leaders, professionals, NGOs, business owner and families.

Learn and share ideas with NRI’s (non-resident Indians) of all religious backgrounds who are interested in safeguarding India’s pluralism and are working towards a pluralist, prosperous and peaceful India.

Indian Muslims are the second largest community in India and the second largest community amongst the Muslims worldwide (over 150 million and around 12-15%).

Active in American Muslim scene at all levels, Indian Muslims are poised to help themselves and their counterparts in India who are facing severe challenges and left to defend themselves on their own.

* Share a unique, rich and enhancing experience
* Listen to eminent scholars, intellectuals, historians, journalists, community and human rights leaders
* Learn about the glorious past and great contributions of Indian Muslims to Islam and to India
* Learn of the dangers of Hindutva-fascism in the US and in India
* Learn about the challenges that over 150 million Muslims and other oppressed groups face in India
* Network with leaders and representatives of many different religious groups
* Network with charitable institutions working in India
* Enjoy a cultural program at the end – Bring Family & Friends

Focused Activities:

* Networking with other Indian Muslim organizations
* Professionals and Business Owners

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