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by Publisher on December 11, 2005

The IMC-USA convention has become an annual tradition for scholars, activists and others concerned about the brutal siege of India’s pluralist and democratic ethos by the Hindutva ultra-nationalists. The annual convention is a platform for social activists and members of the Indian Diaspora to share ideas on issues of concern including political and economic corruption, the continuing persecution of Dalits and the marginalized lower castes in India.

Eminent personalities will be addressing the delegates during the day long sessions and the evening banquet. In addition, they will hold consultative meetings with participants on topics related to strengthening India’s secular democracy and promoting social justice and economic prosperity.

The scheduled sessions will deal with coalition building for protection of Human Rights in India, networking for Muslim NGOs and Business initiatives by Muslims in India, among many others.

M. A. Khan, President of IMC-USA Greater Washington D.C. chapter and member of the convention program committee, elaborated on the achievements of the previous conventions stating, “The IMC-USA annual convention held last year, was a huge success in terms of bringing together for the first time several different groups and communities that constitute India’s impressive diversity, and enabling them to work together to protect India’s pluralist ethos”. He further added, “This led to the formation of the Coalition to Build Better India (CBBI). This coalition in turn became the launching pad for the Coalition Against Genocide (CAG) which successfully thwarted the US visit of Narendra Modi, a pogrom politician. Narendra Modi is the architect-in-chief of the 2002 Gujarat pogroms.