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BJP offered JD(S) MLAs Rs 100 crore, alleges Kumaraswamy (May 16, 2018, Times of India)

JD(S) Karnataka unit chief H D Kumaraswamy on Wednesday alleged that the BJP was trying to poach his party’s lawmakers by offering them Rs 100 crore and the lure of cabinet post in the state government.

Addressing a press conference after being elected legislature party chief at a high-profile meeting, Kumaraswamy claimed the BJP was using black money and cautioned the saffron outfit from indulging in horse trading.

“JD(S) MLAs are being offered Rs 100 crore each. Where is this black money coming from? They are supposedly the servers of poor people and they are offering money today. Where are the income tax officials?” Kumaraswamy said.…



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Bombay Lawyers association files review plea in Justice Loya case (May 21, 2018, New Indian Express)

The Bombay Lawyers Association on Monday filed a review plea in the Supreme Court in connection with Special CBI judge Justice Loya’s death case. The court had last month rejected their petition for the reinvestigation into the case. Earlier on April 19, a bench of apex court headed by Chief Justice of India (CJI) Dipak Misra dismissed petitions seeking SIT probe into the death of Justice Loya, while ruling that he died of natural causes.

A three-judge bench of Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justices A M Khanwilkar and D Y Chandrachud heard the petition. The court further observed that the petitions were ‘frivolous and motivated’ and filed to settle political rivalry.

Justice Loya was hearing the Sohrabuddin Sheikh fake encounter case, involving various police officers and Bharatiya Janata Party president Amit Shah, before his death in December 2014.… Maharashtra-based journalist B.S. Lone and activist Tehseen Poonavala had filed independent pleas seeking a fair probe into his death alleging that he died under mysterious circumstances.



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1 killed, another hurt by Madhya Pradesh mob for ‘cow slaughter’ (May 21, 2018, Times of India)

One person was killed and another seriously injured after a lynch mob attacked them on suspicion of cow slaughter in Madhya Pradesh’s Satna district, police said on Saturday. Cops said the mob attacked Shiraz, 45, and his acquaintance, Shakeel, 35 late on Friday night.

While Shiraz was killed on the spot, Shakeel was admitted to hospital, where his condition is said to be critical. “He is recuperating but he is not in a condition to give any statement,” Neeraj Sharma, manager of Metro Hospital in Jabalpur, told TOI

Cops have arrested four people – Pawan Singh, 35, Vijay Singh, 26, Phool Singh, 36, and Narayan Singh, 28 – for assaulting the two men. They were produced before a court on Saturday. Police have also booked the injured under cow slaughter prohibition Act merely on a verbal assessment by government doctor that the meat may be of beef.…



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Riot video shows policemen shouting ‘communal’ abuses (May 21, 2018, Times of India)

Ten days after Aurangabad police ordered an inquiry into the role of cops in the communal riots that rocked the city on May 11 and 12 on the basis of a video, another clip showing policemen shouting “communally charged” abuses surfaced on social media.…

A 17-year-old boy and a senior citizen were killed while 60 people, including 31 police personnel were injured, in the communal violence in Aurangabad’s old city area. The new clip, a copy of which is with TOI, appears to have been shot from one of the houses in Nawabpura in the early hours of May 12. It shows policemen firing from their self-loading rifles, abusing the residents of the area and then challenging them to come out of their houses.…

“These policemen caught on camera are the same men in the earlier video who were walking towards Jinsi. These men belong to the same group of policemen who, along with rioters, torched the vehicles and property in our area,” said a resident.



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‘Secular forces should join hands to counter BJP’s onslaught’ (May 21, 2018, The Hindu)

In the wake of the recent political developments in Karnataka, secular and democratic forces, along with Left parties, should think about coming together at this juncture to stop the ‘onslaught’ of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and protect democracy, senior Communist Party of India (CPI) leader and Rajya Sabha MP D. Raja said here on Sunday.

Addressing mediapersons, the CPI leader said the Left parties were thinking of launching a nationwide campaign against the BJP-Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) combine to protect the country and its Constitution.

Citing the recent political developments in Karnataka in the wake of a fractured verdict in the Assembly elections, Mr. Raja alleged that the BJP was aggressively pursuing an agenda of usurping power.…



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All sides to Ayodhya dispute must observe restraint, Hindu side not observing this: Supreme Court told (May 15, 2018, New Indian Express)

All sides must observe restraint in expressing their views in the sub-judice Babri Masjid-Ram Temple land dispute and the Hindu side was not observing this, the Supreme Court was told today.

A special bench headed by Justice Dipak Misra, which is seized of a total of 14 appeals filed against the high court judgement delivered in four civil suits pertaining to Ayodhya title dispute, was told by senior advocate Rajeev Dhavan that Hindu side has not been observing restraint and also not refraining from inciting the public on the sensitive issue.…

Some leaders said they would go to Parliament to ensure construction of a Ram Temple, which was “contemptuous and amounted to pre-judging and pressurising the court”, Dhavan told the bench, which also included Justices Ashok Bhushan and S A Nazeer.…



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Espionage case: Ex-diplomat Madhuri Gupta convicted of spying for Pak’s ISI (May 20, 2018, Business Standard)

Former diplomat Madhuri Gupta, who had served at the Indian High Commission in Islamabad, was on Saturday sentenced to three years in jail for passing on sensitive information to Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), with a Delhi court saying her actions caused a “severe security threat”.

Additional Sessions Judge Sidharth Sharma gave her the maximum sentence for the offences of spying and wrongful communication of information protected under the law, observing that an educated woman like her did not deserve any leniency.

Sixty-one-year-old Gupta, who was the Second Secretary (Press & Information) at the high commission from 2007 till her arrest on April 22, 2010, during a visit here, was held guilty yesterday under various provisions of the Official Secrets (OS) Act.…



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BJP Kathua VIP’s kin booked for abusing CM (May 22, 2018, The Telegraph)

A former BJP minister in Jammu and Kashmir who had to step down over a rally backing the alleged suspects in the Kathua rape and murder is back in the news. Police have booked Kathua MLA Chowdhary Lal Singh’s younger brother Chowdhary Rajinder Singh for abusing party ally and chief minister Mehbooba Mufti at a rally in Kathua on Sunday.

A video that has gone viral purportedly shows Rajinder using abusive language against the PDP leader at the rally organised by his brother.

A police officer said Rajinder had been booked under a section that deals with insulting the modesty of a woman, but added that he had not been arrested yet. Police sources said state police chief S.P. Vaid personally directed Kathua police to lodge the FIR.…



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Police constable suspended, transferred for assaulting Ravindra Jadeja’s wife (May 22, 2018, Indian Express)

The police constable who allegedly physically assaulted cricketer Ravindra Jadeja’s wife Riva in Jamnagar was suspended with immediate effect, hours after he was arrested late on Monday night.

Riva was allegedly assaulted by the police constable on Saru Section Road near Jamnagar district police headquarters in Jamnagar city at around 7 pm on Monday while she was on her way to her home in Panchavati area of Jamnagar. The constable was identified as Sanjay Karangiya, attached to C Division police station in Jamnagar city.

Police said that Riva was returning home from Rajkot along with her 11-month-old daughter and her mother Prafulla Solanki. Police said the car driven by Riva collided with Karangiya’s motor-bike while he was coming out of Jamangar police headquarters and he fell down.…



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Dalit man lynched in Gujarat: How India is grappling with violence (May 21, 2018, India Today)

Vigilantism is flourishing in India, unabated. Mobile footage of civilians beating, kicking, flogging crime suspects, the weak and the vulnerable alike has now become a regular feature on television rundowns.

The latest in the series of horrific lynch-attack videos have emerged from prime minister Narendra Modi’s Gujarat.

A man is bound by his waist with a rope looped through the handlebar of a door. Its other end is held by one of his four attackers. He howls in pain as two men take turns to whip him with a PVC stick.…



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Opinions and Editorials

How Modi’s India is fast resembling Hitler’s Nazi Germany – By Rudrangshu Mukherjee (May 21, 2018, Dailyo.in)

India today, seventy years after Independence, is facing a situation where some of the fundamental features of democracy are under serious threat. The threat emanates from the ideological orientation of the present prime minister and of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party.

There are two aspects of this ideology that need to be noted here. One is the assertion that India is a country of the Hindus and that the true future of India lies in making a Hindu Rashtra. Other religious groups – Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jains and so on – will have to live in India on terms determined and dictated by the Hindus, the people who can project what is truly Indian.

These views are not confined to the world of ideas. They have become a part of the grim reality of the daily lives of ordinary people, who have become perpetrators of intimidation and violence, as well as its victims. Ordinary individuals pursuing their trade and professions have begun to group themselves in localities to preserve and protect what they think, following the Sangh Parivar, as Hindu and truly Indian. Perceived threats to this Hindu India are then made targets of violence. The targets are always ordinary Muslims, who are attacked and lynched.…



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Karnataka jolt – By Manini Chatterjee (May 21, 2018, The Telegraph)

…alcohol is not the only intoxicant. Power can be a much more potent drug and the exhilaration of forming governments in state after state can become an addiction all its own. And like with any excessive intoxication, it can give a sense of false bravado that debilitates the capacity to think and reason. It is a state known as “power-drunk” which the dictionary defines as being intoxicated by power and rendered irrational by it.

The Karnataka fiasco faced by the BJP on May 19 is a textbook example of the perils of getting too drunk on power. As the results of the Karnataka elections started filtering in on May 15, the spokespersons of the BJP on television screens had every reason to beam.…

No one thought it fit to point out that this was not the first time that the BJP had “breached” the Vindhyas. The party had ruled Karnataka before. In fact, in 2008, the BJP led by B.S. Yeddyurappa had won 110 seats in the 224-seat assembly. If the Modi magic was so mesmerizing, surely the BJP should have done better – and not worse – than a decade ago?…



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Hate culture – Editorial (May 21, 2018, The Telegraph)

New India is newly minted; it has no history. Or, rather, its history has to be written from scratch. What is needed for that is an aggressive ignorance that sees only black, white and the red of fury, and uses the word ‘anti-national’ as a cleansing weapon. The idiocy of the reasons behind the violence at Aligarh Muslim University is a recent example. Members of the right-wing Hindu Yuva Vahini attacked students with the demand that the portrait of Muhammad Ali Jinnah hanging in the students’ union hall be taken down…

Two features of the assault stand out. The police beat up and injured the AMU students in frank support of the attacking outsiders, and the programme awarding life membership of the students’ union to the former vice-president, Hamid Ansari, that was to follow a few hours later, had to be cancelled.

The stupidity of the reasoning did not matter: quite a number of birds had been killed with one stone. But the work of dismantling history and the creation of a bogey must go on tirelessly. So the BJP, the sole keeper of Indian culture, has to be picky about applying the basic principles of this culture on particular occasions.…



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Twelve years on, no justice for Makkah Masjid victims – By Kaneez Fathima (May 19, 2018, TwoCircles.net)

It has been eleven years for Makkah Masjid bomb blast and subsequent police firing.… This very important case wherein the Hindutva terrorists were involved in carrying out blasts at various places in the country, all the agencies such as the police, the local state and the central government, the investigating agencies, the Prosecution and even Judiciary failed in providing justice even when all the strong pieces of evidence were present.

Thus, the special NIA court in Hyderabad acquitted the five Hindutva terrorists on 16th April 2018. Out of eight Hindutva terrorists, five are acquitted, one is killed by their own RSS men and two are absconding. After acquitting all the five Hindutva criminals, the judge resigned within few hours of his verdict. This act of his raises many questions on the verdict as well as on the judge itself. There is huge conspiracy behind such kind of judgment and immediate resignation of Judge.…

People lost confidence from the judiciary as well. The last step in getting justice is only the judiciary and when judiciary also plays hands in glove with the criminals and perpetrators, what saves this country from! Now all the Hindutva terrorists are free, some are out on bail and some are acquitted. Only the criminals would be ruling the country and the constitution is great danger in such situations.



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Denying Muslims the Opportunity to Offer Namaz in Open Violates Cultural Liberty – By S.N. Sahu (May 18, 2018, The Wire)

Denial of open space to Muslims in Gurugram to offer namaz by some groups formed in the name of Hinduism is a negation of Sarva Dharma Sambhav which remains the foundational pillar of our secularism enshrined in the Constitution and integral to the day-to-day life of people.

The state’s chief minister who has the mandate to uphold law and Constitution, justified the denial of opportunity on the specious plea that objections raised by Hindu groups should be paid heed to by those who offer prayers and namaz in open space. Application of force to prevent Muslims to offer namaz cannot be construed either in a legal or ethical sense to be an objection.

In a country like India with bewildering and delightful diversities based on faith, language and many other factors, there is space for people to pursue their faith and profess it. It is as much a product of civilisational attributes as it is of modern law and jurisprudence.… Along with toleration, India emphasises on acceptance as a substantive aspect of life accommodating diverse creeds and ways of life. With such deeper levels of acceptance defining Indian identity, one looks at the denial of opportunity to the Muslims in Gurugram to pray in open air and space as a negation of the culture of acceptance. In fact, open air prayer for a brief time frame should be welcomed by every section of society.…



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Dalits under Hindutva – By Dr. Y. Srinivasa Rao (May 19, 2018, Sabrang India)

…While the appropriate dominated first two years of NDA governments rule, attacks on dalits became dominant feature of the rest of the two years. There are four major attacks on dalits, their history and on their constitutional guarantees: Una flogging, Bhim-Khoregoan attacks, dilution of SC/ST (PoA) Act, 1958 and the infamous March 5th 2018 MHRD circular on reducing reservations in universities/colleges.

All these four were well thought-out attacks to show the power of caste Hindu rightwing forces to check the pulse of dalits and eventually to bring them to submission. To the surprise of the right-wingers, dalits countered all these four with mass democratic movements.…

The RSS has also targeted reservation. In 2015, Mohan Bhagavat, has demanded the review of reservation policy. M.G. Vaidhaya argued that caste based reservation is not needed as there is not backward castes in India. It could be continued for SC/STs to ten years and should abolish after that. Suresh Bhayaji Joshi though came out with clarification that reservation should be there as long as it needed, the mindset is exposed.… These tricks are to pave the way for the saffronisation of the constitution which dalits would take very seriously as it an attack on the greatest achievement of Ambedkar.…



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