IAMC New Jersey Fund Raising Event 2011.

Location: Edison Hotel (Formerly Holiday Inn Express)
3050 Woodbridge Ave, Edison, NJ • Tel: 732-661-1000
Date: Saturday, July 16, 2011
Time : – 12:00 Noon – 3:30 PM

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Who / What is IAMC ? 

The  IAMC –  Indian American Muslim Council (formerly IMC-USA), is a non-profit advocacy group dedicated to working for the cause of justice, especially on behalf of the minorities in India, and to preserving India’s pluralist and tolerant ethos.

IAMC New Jersey Event 2011

IAMC New Jersey Event 2011

Why do we need an organization such as IAMC ?

While India is a constitutional democracy that guarantees the fundamental rights of liberty, equality and the freedom to practice one’s faith, yet  across India, Muslims continue to be the subject of illegal detentions, tortures and fake encounters.
In order to secure redress for the grave injustices being perpetrated against the innocent on a daily basis in India, there is a need for organizations like IAMC – organizations of Muslims of Indian origin, who understand the peculiar circumstances of Indian Muslims – the largest Muslim minority in the world – numbering more than 150 million (more than 10 % of the Ummah), and are able to advocate forcefully for the majority of Indian Muslims who live below the poverty line and are often unaware or unable to stand up for their rights.
IAMC is working tirelessly on multiple fronts, including media outreach, advocacy and grassroots mobilization. Through its dedicated and sustained advocacy work, IAMC is making a difference in the situation of Muslims in India, by the Almighty’s Grace.


What is the IAMC doing specifically to ensure Muslims in India are treated as equal citizens in all aspects of life ?

On the Legal Front:
IAMC is now partnering with Human Rights Law Network (HRLN), the largest network of lawyers that provide pro bono and low cost legal aid to victims of human rights abuses who are unable to pay for their legal representation. HRLN has a presence in 25 cities across India.
Minorities in general and Muslims in particular, continue to face a criminal justice system that is prejudiced and vindictive, and often does not work in conformance to the law.

Creating Awareness in the Media and around the world, of the treatment of Muslims by law-enforcement in India
To create awareness of how Muslims in India are treated by Law Enforcement as well as what happens even to lawyers who stand up to defend the rights of Muslims, the IAMC is producing documentaries such as After The Storm, which, is a poignant and factual account of Muslims falsely accused of terror charges, and the devastation that such false charges have brought to their families, long after they have secured acquittal from the courts.

Another documentary, Out of Court Settlement, is probably the first of its kind to  highlight the fact that even the lawyers that take up the cases of Muslims languishing in jail under false charges, are harassed and intimidated, and in some cases, killed by forces aligned with radical sectarian ideologies.

Sounds like a cause that is worth fighting for ? Absolutely.
Then we would like to invite you to join us for lunch on Saturday July 16th, 2011, between 12 noon and 3:30 pm. to hear more about our future plans, as well as to hear first hand from Mr. Shafeeq Mahajir, the challenges facing Muslims as well as those who stand up for them, in India.

Mr. Shafeeq Rehman Mahajir, is one of India’s most prominent human rights lawyers. He is on a nationwide tour of the US, to raise awareness and generate support for the grave challenges Muslims face in the Indian criminal justice system. Mr. Mahajir recently appeared on behalf of the victims in a commission hearing into the police firings and human rights violations at Makkah Masjid in Hyderabad.

Please RSVP here: http://iamc.com/njevent
Hope to see you on July 16th, InshaAllah.

Mohammad Yusuf Dadani
Regional  Vice President East