IMC Rights Literacy Project

IMC-USA Rights Literacy Project

Indian Muslim Council-USA recognizes that education about constitutional Rights is an important tool for empowerment of every community. The goal of IMC-USA is to empower Muslims in India. Keeping with its goals, IMC-USA in partnership with Global Media Publications, New Delhi has embarked on the Rights Literacy Project to make Legal Education available in the vernacular languages spoken by Muslims in India.

Depending on the local demand, IMC-USA identified Urdu, Gujarati, Bengali, Assamese Telugu and other vernacular languages spoken by Muslims for translation and publication. The booklets cover much needed topics in the prevailing socio-political environment that are relevant to Muslims and other minority communities in India.

Project Status as of April 2009:
IMC-USA had identified 5 languages (Urdu, Gujarati, Bengali, Assamese and Telugu) for initial Translation and Publication. Through your continued support we hope to complete this and also take up other important vernacular languages spoken by Muslims in India.

Translation in Urdu:
Urdu was the first priority being a major language. Translation and Publication was completed for all seven titles (“Apne Huqooq Janiye”, “Tez Raftar Samaat Ka Haq”, “Mafaade Aamma ka Muqadma”, “Muslim Idaaron Ke Liye Qanooni Rahnumai”, “Police, Ikhtiyarat aur Hudood”, “FIR aur Mutaalliqa Qawaneen” and “Giriftar Kiye Jaane par Aapke Huqooq”).

Translation in Gujarati:
Translation and Publication of two titles is completed (“FIR and Related Laws”, “Police Authority and Limitations”). We hope to complete other titles as well.

Translation in Bengali:
Translation and publication of two booklets is complete. We hope to complete other titles as well.

Translation in Assamese:
Translation of two booklets was completed and the books are in currently press. IMC-USA hopes to release the Assamese translations at its 4th National Convention on May 31st, 2008 in Chicago, IL.

Hundreds of copies have been distributed free of cost to Libraries, Community Organizations across India. Free copies were sent to several vernacular language Newspapers across the country asking them to re-produce excerpts from the books.

How Can You Help

Your support can empower millions!
Please donate generously! IMC-USA is counting on your support to complete this project.
IMC-USA is a 501c3 tax-deductible organization. Your donations to IMC-USA are tax-deductible.
Here is how you can help:
1. Sponsor the translation and printing of one booklet: $900
2. Sponsor Free Distribution to a Library/Organization: $20 per packet
(Each packet consists of 7 Urdu booklets, 2 Booklets in the local language and a Directory of Muslim NGO

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