Bhatt’s arrest: US groups write to Prez, PM; warn to launch global campaign (Oct 5, 2011,

The Coalition Against Genocide, an advocacy coalition of around three dozen civil society groups in the United States, has sought intervention of President of India, Prime Minister and Chief Justice of India in the case of the arrest of whistle-blower Gujarat IPS officer Sanjeev Bhatt.

The Coalition Against Geneocide on 5th October wrote a letter to President of India, Smt. Pratibha Devsingh Patil, Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh and Chief Justice of India, Justice S. H. Kapadia, urging them to act without delay in this matter.

Bhatt was arrested on 30th September for allegedly confining his junior and taking his forced signatures on illegal documents to substantiate his charges against Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Bhatt earlier this year had filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court of India directly holding Modi for the riots. Bhatta had said that the CM Modi had asked police officers in the emergency meeting on 28th Feb 2002 to go soft on Hindus if they come out to vent their anger for the Godhra train carnage.

The US group warned to launch an international campaign on Bhatt’s behalf if the Central Government did not take corrective action to ensure his safety, and to bring an end to this vengeful retaliation against him. …


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