1B Muslims, 500M Christians, 50M secular Hindus will be killed - IAMC

1 billion Muslims, 500 million Christians, 50 million secular Hindus will be killed: Hindu extremist monk

During an anti-Muslim hate speech rally in the capital New Delhi, a Hindu extremist monk said that “at least 100 crore Muslims, 50 crore Christians, 5 crore secular Hindus will be killed in the religious war over next 8 years.” 

Also in Delhi, a leader of the Hindu militant group Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), Ishwar Lal, delivered hate speech promoting anti-Muslim hatred. In Uttar Pradesh, at an event organized by Hindu militant groups, a Hindu extremist leader peddled anti-Muslim conspiracy theories and called on Hindus to buy weapons.

Modi govt blocks Friday prayers at Kashmir masjid to prevent protests for Palestine

Officials of Modi’s far-right BJP government have blocked congregational prayers at the historic Jamia Masjid in Kashmir to prevent Muslim congregants from gathering in protest against Israel’s bombardment of civilians in Gaza. This is the second consecutive Friday where prayers were disallowed at the historic mosque. Security personnel have also been deployed around the mosque.

Popular Hindu supremacist filmmaker demonizes Muslims, tells Hindus to “fight”

In West Bengal, Hindu supremacist filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri delivered hate speech demonizing Muslims and telling Hindus, “This is the time to fight.”  Agnihotri’s 2022 film, The Kashmir Files, falsely misrepresented the tragic exodus of Hindu Pandits from Kashmir through an anti-Muslim lens, leading audience throughout India to call for and justify violence against Kashmiri Muslims. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also promoted the film and urged government employees to watch it.