Career - IAMC

Community Relations Manager

Job Title: Community Relations Manager


Occupation: Public Relations Specialists


Indian American Muslim Council
1100 15th St NW
Washington , DC 20005


Type of job: Full Time
Hours per week: 40


Job Description:
Promote the mission of the Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) to protect
fundamental and civil rights through increasing education and awareness of issue and
policies that support intolerance by defining, writing, and releasing communications
materials through media outlets, as well as through community nonprofit organizations,
academic institutions, and governmental agencies. Draft and disseminate press
releases, reports, and other information to the media as well as partner organizations
about the work of IAMC. Use traditional and social media outlets as well as in-person
events and engagements to share information about the organization. Work with IAMC
board to promote goodwill of the organization. Draft speeches and arrange speaking
engagements. Work with board, staff, and volunteers to assess the impact of
community relations efforts and the public’s opinion of the organization.


*Minimum Education Required:
Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Journalism, Communications, or Public Relations


*Minimum Employment Experience Required:
4 years of experience in the job offered or news media or public affairs.


Contact Person:
Rasheed Ahmed
Last date for application: 02/06/2022

How to Apply:

Apply by resume to Rasheed Ahmed, Indian American Muslim Council at We Work
Midtown Center, Office No: 04-143, 1100 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20005