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CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING: Assam NRC — Stripping Muslims of Citizenship

Genocide Watch has declared that Assam’s 14 million Muslims are at the 8th Stage of the ’10 Stages of Genocide’. The Assam Government has already declared half a million Muslims as non-citizens on the basis of a dubious and Islamophobic citizenship determination and wants to “reverify” that list only to add millions of more Muslims. The process of proving citizenship in under-qualified “foreigner tribunals”, the denial of citizenship on the most absurd and arbitrary criteria, the refusal to reconsider such denial despite overwhelming evidence of miscarriage of justice, are all adding up to create one of history’s biggest mass persecution.


On Wednesday, October 6, Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) and several other human rights organizations including Amnesty International and Hindus for Human Rights will organise a Congressional Briefing on the blatant discrimination being carried out against millions of Muslims in Assam state which, if not stopped now, will, without doubt, turn into mass statelessness, stripping them of their citizenship rights and creating an unparalleled humanitarian crisis.


The panelists at this Congressional Briefing are:

Aman Wadud, Fulbright Fellow at the University of Texas School of Law

Siddhartha Deb, Award-winning author-journalist

Abhishek Saha, Journalist, The Indian Express

Nadeem Khan, Founding Member, United Against Hate


Some important stories to read on Assam NRC

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The event is finished.



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