Group of men assault, strip, rob, urinate on Dalit youth - IAMC

Group of men assault, strip, rob, urinate on Dalit youth

Six men were arrested in Tamil Nadu state for assaulting, stripping, robbing and urinating on two Dalit youths. The victims, aged 21 and 19, were threatened at knifepoint by the group, who demanded money from them. When the attackers found out that the victims were Dalits, the group assaulted them, made them strip and urinated on them.

Pro-Palestine protestors booked by police in Karnataka

In Karnataka state’s Bengaluru city, police booked participants of a peaceful protest against Israel’s continuous bombardment of Gaza.

During the protest, a Hindu extremist arrived at the scene and chanted slogans, while also making derogatory remarks towards the protesters. However, the police took no action against him. 

Hindu extremist monks deliver anti-Muslim hate speech, call for violence

In Thane, Maharashtra, Hindu extremist monk Om Kaushik Maharaj delivered a hate speech during an event organized by far-right Hindu group Antarrashtriya Bajrang Da, calling for violence against Muslims. In Solapur, Maharashtra, Hindu extremist monk Kalicharan Maharaj made a hate speech stoking fear against Muslims and advocating for the use of violence.