Hindu extremists assault Muslim truck driver - IAMC

Hindu extremists assault Muslim truck driver for transporting cattle

In yet another incident of cow vigilantism, a Hindu extremist mob chased and assaulted a Muslim truck driver in the Hindu supremacist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-ruled Haryana state last week for transporting cattle.

In the past few months, Hindu extremist mobs have carried out several cow vigilante attacks and lynchings in Haryana. This includes the brutal murder of two Muslim men, Junaid and Nasir, who were kidnapped, lynched, and set ablaze by a mob of violent Hindu extremists, triggering massive outrage.

Other states have also seen brutal cow vigilante violence in the past month. Naseeb Qureshi, 47, was beaten to death with sticks and sharp weapons by a Hindu supremacist mob in Bihar state, and a Muslim man was assaulted by Hindu extremists in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh state over false suspicions of cow theft.

BJP leader calls for Muslim men to be mutilated

BJP lawmaker and serial hatemonger T Raja Singh continues to violate his conditions for bail by calling on Hindus to beat, mutilate, and kill Muslims while referring to them as “cockroaches” at a rally in Maharashtra state. 

“Those landya (derogatory word for Muslims) who are involved in ‘Love Jihad’ have their penises half cut. We will cut them entirely,” Singh said. 

“If you want to thrash any landya (derogatory term for Muslims) join Bajrang Dal. I want to ask all youths whether they want to protect the country and the religion and want to make India a Hindu Rashtra (nation),” he added. 

“I will not make arrests and lodge an FIR (police complaint), I will directly shoot down. If you want to protect the country, you will have to spray cockroaches rather than removing them lovingly.”

Singh made the hateful remarks in total disregard to a Supreme Court directive to the state police, which ordered law enforcement to ensure that no hate speeches were made at such events.

Singh is not new to creating controversies by making such hate-filled speeches. Recently, he made several such speeches at various places in Maharashtra. However, the police are yet to take any action.

Earlier, Singh was imprisoned for making derogatory remarks against Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). He is out on bail on the condition that he does not make hate speeches again.

Mosque, Muslim homes, school attacked in BJP-ruled Karnataka state

Amid ongoing attacks against Muslims and their places of worship, a large mob of Hindu extremists attacked a mosque as well as Muslim-owned homes in BJP-ruled Karnataka state.

The Hindu extremists pelted stones at the mosque and houses of Muslim residents. Hindu supremacists also damaged vehicles owned by Muslims, including by attacking a Muslim auto driver and smashing his vehicle. 

The mob also attacked a school, pelting stones until children ran out of their classes and began crying for help.