Indian actress sympathizes with Israel, says Hindus deserve a Hindu nation - IAMC

Indian actress sympathizes with Israel, says Hindus deserve a Hindu nation

As the death toll of Gazans skyrockets amid Israel’s continuous  bombardment, Indian actress and vitriolic Hindu supremacist Kangana Ranaut said she sympathizes with the Israeli cause during a visit with the Israeli embassy in New Delhi.

Ranaut claimed that Hindus also “deserve” their own land, saying, “They can’t give us that one land is rather inhuman and very stingy of the Islamic world.”

BJP lawmaker in Jharkhand threatens to beat up Muslims

In yet another case of an elected official from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) encouraging anti Muslim hatred and violence, a BJP lawmaker from Jharkhand state, Kushwaha Shashi Bhushan Mehta, said that people who wear a beard or a cap or eat beef would be beaten up if found near Hindu religious places. 

Assam Chief Minister says he is proud of closing down madrassas in the state 

Serial hatemonger and Assam state Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said he was proud of getting Madrassas (Islamic seminaries) across the state shut down. 

“This is the best work I have done in my life,” he said at a Hindu supremacist rally in Chattisgarh state. He also spread anti-Muslim conspiracy theories about forced religious conversion to the audience.

Far-right Hindu leaders call for arming of Hindus, instigate violence

In Unnao, Uttar Pradesh, Hindu supremacist leader Vimal Diwvedi demonized Muslims and called for arming Hindus at an event. In Shahjahanpur, Hindu extremists organized a religious ceremony in which they incorporated the display of swords and rifles. In Begusarai, Bihar, Hindu extremists instigated violence during a religious procession.