Kashmiri activist spends 14 days in jail for criticizing BJP leader - IAMC
Waqar H. Bhatti

Kashmiri activist spends 14 days in jail for criticizing BJP leader

Kashmiri activist Waqar H. Bhatti has just walked free after being arrested for 14 days on the ludicrous charge of criticizing a leader from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).  

Darakhshan Andrabi, a national executive member, filed a police complaint against Bhatti in which she called him “a known anti-India so-called activist” and accused him of “hurting her public reputation” in a social media video. 

After his arrest, Bhatti’s family was not informed of his whereabouts for three days. 

While the Modi regime has attacked freedom of speech throughout India, Kashmiri journalists and activists have been hit hardest by the crackdown, threatened with hefty prison sentences for speaking out against the government and its ongoing human rights abuses in Kashmir. 

BJP lawmaker calls Muslim lawmaker “terrorist,” other slurs during Parliament session

In a blatant display of the anti-Muslim hatred that characterizes India’s ruling party, BJP lawmaker Ramesh Bidhuri called a Muslim opposition lawmaker by several slurs during a session of Parliament. 

“Among the words he directed against me were ‘Bhadwa’ (pimp),’Katwa’ (circumcised one),‘Mullah ugravadi’ (Muslim terrorist) ‘atankvadi’ ( terrorist),” Ali stated in a letter written to Speaker Om Birla. 

Bidhuri’s tirade against lawmaker Danish Ali provoked outrage from several other opposition leaders, who called for Bidhuri’s suspension. 

Hate speeches, calls for violence made throughout India 

Hindu militant groups continue to organize events throughout India to promote anti-Muslim hatred and violence. In Uttarakhand, the Hindu militant groups Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal organized an event during which leaders gave calls to arms and encouraged violence against minorities. In Rajasthan, another Hindu extremist leader made a similar speech advocating for violence, while in Madhya Pradesh, Bajrang Dal National Convener Neeraj Doneria made a hate speech targeting Muslims and Christians.


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