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Muslim doctor attacked

Muslim doctor attacked by Hindu extremist mob in Uttar Pradesh

In Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, a Muslim doctor was brutally assaulted by a mob of around 25 Hindu extremists. He was stopped by passersby who demanded to know his name before abusing and beating him. 

“I don’t even know those people; they attacked me after asking my name,” Dr. Iftekhar said.

The police arrested six individuals involved in the assault. One of the arrested individuals possessed a bike with a sticker identifying him as a local leader of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). 

Muslim man attacked by Hindu extremists on bus in Karnataka

A 36-year-old Muslim man, Mujibur Rahman, was beaten by Hindu extremist co-passengers on a bus journey from Karnataka. Two co-passengers asked for his name, and upon learning his religious identity, abused, threatened and physically assaulted him.

Speaking of his ordeal, Mujeeb said he was beaten by sticks and belts. “They harassed me and called me a thief,” he said. Despite Mujeeb’s attempts to escape, he was again assaulted by Hindu locals from the area, incited by the co-passengers.

Over $150,000 worth of Muslim-owned properties seized over alleged cow smuggling

In Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh, authorities confiscated property worth over $151,000 belonging to a Muslim man over allegations of involvement in cattle smuggling. They also confiscated a Muslim man’s house and property worth around $19,400 over allegations of selling beef.

Authorities also confiscated another property belonging to a Muslim man in Jaunpur over allegations of involvement in cattle smuggling.

Hindu extremist leader urges Hindus to pick up swords, keep weapons

In Jalgaon, Maharashtra, Hindu extremist news editor Suresh Chavanke delivered an inflammatory speech promoting fear and hatred towards Muslims. “Pick up swords instead of [a] pen. Hindus should keep weapons,” he said.

In Ponda, Goa, a Hindu supremacist, Vinod Yadav, called Muslims “enemies and snakes” and promoted anti-Muslim conspiracy theories. In Mumbai, Maharashtra, a leader of the Hindu supremacist group Rashtriya Bajrang Dal delivered an inflammatory speech promoting hate against Muslims.

In West Bengal, four dead, dozens wounded in 12 mob violence incidents in two weeks

At least four people have been beaten to death and 10 wounded in 12 separate mob violence incidents in West Bengal in a week. All of them were labeled as thieves by the violent mob before being brutally attacked. In many cases, the relatives of the victims stated that the accusations of theft were completely fabricated. All the deceased are from economically and socially marginalized groups.