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Muslim man lynched to death in Rajasthan; second incident in 30 days

Rajasthan’s Alwar city has just witnessed its second mob lynching in 30 days. A 20-year-old Muslim man, Vakeel Mohammad, was on his way home from work when a mob of violent Hindu extremists brutally assaulted him and left him for dead. Mohammad had sustained severe head injuries and died in the hospital. 

This lynching was reported just weeks after three Muslim men were assaulted by a Hindu extremist mob, resulting in the death of one of them.

3,000 more to be arrested in 2nd round of anti-Muslim crackdown in Assam 

Assam’s Hindu supremacist Chief Minister, Himanta Biswa Sharma, has threatened to arrest 3,000 Muslim men within 10 days on the pretext of indulging in child marriages. This is the second round of a crackdown that began in February this year, when the Hindu supremacist BJP government in Assam state arrested over 2,500 men, mostly Muslims. 

The massive crackdown has come in for severe criticism from legal luminaries, political leaders, and social media users who believe that it is part of the Hindu supremacist government’s larger motive to demonize and harass Muslims. 

Hindu extremist calls for removing the word “secular” from the Indian constitution

At an event in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, a Hindu extremist monk advocated for the removal of the word “secular” from the preamble of the Indian constitution and called for changing the constitution. The monk made this call while sharing the stage with a senior leader of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu supremacist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).  

Idol of Hindu deity Saraswati placed inside historic Kamal Maula mosque in Madhya Pradesh

After an idol of Hindu deity Saraswati was secretly placed by Hindu supremacists inside the historic Kamal Maula mosque in Madhya Pradesh state, Hindu supremacist leaders Ashok Jain and Gopal Sharma baselessly claimed that the idol had emerged on its own inside the mosque. 

They threatened to begin an agitation if it wasn’t placed inside the mosque again.

Hindu supremacists across India have sought to take historic mosques away from Muslims by claiming that all Muslim structures were built on the remains of Hindu temples. 


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