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Hindu Teacher

Muslim teacher arrested, harassed for giving chocolates to Hindu children

In far-right BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad, police arrested a Muslim teacher after residents of a housing colony baselessly accused him of attempting to convert Hindu children by distributing chocolates. 

Twelve out of 28 states in India have implemented anti-conversion laws, leading to increased harassment and violence against minorities.

Federal minister justifies anti-Muslim massacre in 2002, praises Narendra Modi

Federal minister Amit Shah justified the horrific mass slaughter of Muslims during the 2002 Gujarat pogrom, and praised ruling Hindu supremacist Prime Minister Narendra Modi for teaching Muslims “a lesson.”

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi taught such a lesson to rioters in Gujarat in 2002 when he was the chief minister that to date, no one has dared to cause riots again in the state,” he said at an event in Gujarat’s Sanand. “Rioters,” as used by Hindu supremacists, is a dogwhistle term for “Muslims.”

During the pogrom, Muslims were hacked to death, mutilated, dismembered, burned alive, and slaughtered in a number of massacres carried out by Hindu militant mobs. Muslim women and girls were also brutalized with sexual violence, including gang-rapes and public rapes. 

Prime Minister Modi says Article 370 is “history,” “will never return”

Far-right Prime Minister Narendra Modi doubled down on his endorsement of the government’s  2019 decision to abrogate Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, which granted special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. 

“Article 370 is history. It will never return. No power on the earth can restore Article 370 now,” he said. 

Activists and international human rights groups have slammed the abrogation of Article 370 as a way for the Modi regime to place Muslim-majority Kashmir under a brutal military crackdown.