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Muslim women

Hindu militant leader calls for converting 4 million Muslim women to Hinduism

Hindu militant and owner of an extremist television network, Suresh Chavhanke, has called on Hindus to convert 4 million Muslim women to Hinduism in a bigoted and sexist threat.

Known for repeatedly issuing threats of violence against Muslims, Chavhanke’s latest statement, given on video, has gone viral.

“We need forty lakh women from the Muslim community to increase the ratio, as women are less than men among Hindus,” said Chavanke.

Last year, Chavhanke had administered a genocidal oath to a Hindu group in India’s capital, New Delhi, that said, “We take an oath and make a resolution that till our last breath, we shall fight, die for and if need be, kill, to make this country a Hindu Rashtra (nation).”

Muslim women have been the target of sexist anti-Muslim harassment at the hands of Hindu supremacists for years, including by having their personal information shared with Hindu men on mock auction apps without their consent. Muslim women involved in activism are also targeted with graphic rape and death threats. 

Muslim teens arrested for WhatsApp status on Indian Muslim ruler, family attacked

Two Muslim teenagers have been arrested by police in Maharashtra state for expressing their opinions about a prominent Mughal ruler via their WhatsApp status, and sharing their disappointment that the state’s Aurangabad city had been given a Hindu name due to Hindu supremacist influence. 

The two Muslim teenagers, Mohammad Momin and Fayas Saudagar, were arrested after Hindu supremacist groups responded to the WhatsApp status with threats and violence. 

A Hindu extremist mob set fire to Momin’s warehouse and tempo, assaulted Momin’s father, and tried to get Momin’s family kicked out of the village. 

However, in a gross disregard for the law, no police action was taken against the Hindu extremists. Instead, police arrested the Muslim teens for expressing their dissent. 

The Hindu supremacist regime’s move to erase Muslim history and influence from India is part of its goal to turn India into a Hindu supremacist state. Hindu supremacists are also known for spreading misinformation about time periods of Muslim rule, characterizing all Muslim rulers as barbaric invaders.

BJP minister vows to shut down all Islamic seminaries in Assam state

The Chief Minister of Hindu supremacist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-ruled Assam state, Himanta Biswa Sarma, has vowed to shut down all Islamic seminaries in the state, threatening the primary education of millions of already disenfranchised Muslim children.  

“There is no need for madrasas in this ‘New India,’” he said, referencing the current government’s ongoing attempt to turn India into a Hindu supremacist fascist state. 

“Recently in a TV interview in Delhi, I was asked what my intention was in having shut down 600 madrasas. I said that I have shut 600, but my intention is to shut all madrasas,” Sarma said.

Muslim-run schools and Islamic seminaries have regularly come under attack by Hindu supremacists. Last year, officials in the state demolished three madrasas illegally, on the blatantly false charges of being associated with “a terror organization.”