Signatories in Support of Dr. Audrey Truschke - IAMC

Top Signatories

List of Top Signatories

  1. Hindus for Human Rights
  2. Students Against Hindutva Ideology
  3. Ambedkar International Center
  4. Ambedkar King Study Circle
  5. Dalit Solidarity Forum
  6. Boston South Asian Coalition
  7. Council on American Islamic Relations – CAIR (New Jersey)
  8. Islamic Society of Central Jersey
  9. Indian American Muslim Council
  10. India Civil Watch International
  11. Coalition to Stop Genocide
  12. ICNA Council for Social Justice
  13. Justice for All
  14. Center for Pluralism
  15. South Asian Left Activist Movement
  16. API Chaya
  17. Stand With Kashmir
  18. The Humanism Project, Australia
  19. Australian Indian Muslim Forum
  20. Dr. Chloe Breyer, The Interfaith Center of New York
  21. Dr. Aslam Abdullah, Interim President, World Council of Muslims for Interfaith Relations (WCMIR)
  22. Dr. Rehan Khan, President, International Society for Peace and Justice
  23. Amritjit Singh, Langston Hughes Professor of English, Ohio University
  24. Motika Anand, Coordinator, Swaraj Abhiyan, Chicago, IL