10 booked for criticizing Hindu militant groups - IAMC

10 booked for distributing pamphlets criticizing Hindu militant groups

Ten people in Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-ruled Madhya Pradesh state were booked for distributing pamphlets criticizing Hindu militant groups, including the paramilitary Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the violent Bajrang Dal.

The individuals have been booked for “promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion” on the complaint of a woman who said the pamphlets contained “objectionable” language about the militant groups.

Police are searching for the identities of the ten people using CCTV footage. Meanwhile, it is routine for BJP leaders to publicly make comments encouraging people – including members of militant groups – to violently attack Muslims and not face any real consequences.   

Century-old mosque, dargahs demolished in Gujarat; tensions simmer

Hindu supremacist authorities in Gujarat state demolished a century-old mosque and three historic dargahs, leading to heightened tensions in the area.

Mosque authorities have demanded consequences for the demolition, which they say occurred illegally and unconstitutionally as part of what authorities called an anti-encroachment drive. 

The mosque had existed since at least 1926. A video of the demolition shows a crowd gathered around the mosque as its walls are knocked down by a bulldozer. 

Along with mosques, Muslim-owned homes and businesses have been targeted in illegal demolition drives in states led by the Hindu supremacist BJP. 

BJP leader makes anti-Muslim hate speech targeted towards Hindu youth

Serial hatemonger and BJP leader Raja Singh has been booked yet again for publicly making hateful comments and inciting violence against religious minorities.

At a Hindu supremacist rally in Rajasthan state, Singh made comments aimed at radicalizing Hindu youth, calling on them to “to protect the religion and the nation, to stop love jihad and terrorist organizations,” referring to Muslims.

“These people need to be taught a lesson. Only the youth who protect the religion and the nation can do this work,” he said. 

Singh’s most infamous hate speech case involved him making blasphemous comments about Prophet Muhammad in 2022, provoking outrage and protests from the Muslim community. However, despite continuing to make hate speeches since then, Singh has not faced any lasting consequences.