25 Muslims booked, homes demolished, crops destroyed over beef sale - IAMC
Muslim homes demolished

25 Muslims booked, homes demolished, crops destroyed over alleged beef sale

Civic officials in Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-ruled Rajasthan state demolished 12 houses belonging to Muslims and destroyed crops growing on 44 acres of land over allegations of selling beef in Alwar. The police also booked 25 Muslims and arrested eight Muslim men over the allegations.

The punitive devastation of Muslim homes and properties over mere allegations of crimes has become commonplace under India’s Hindu supremacist government. 

Hindu militants crash truck, beat Muslim men over cattle transport

In Haryana state, Hindu extremists from the cow vigilante group Gau Raksha Dal led a dangerous car chase after a truck over allegations of transporting cattle. The chase resulted in the truck crashing, after which the extremists brutally beat three occupants of the truck, including two Muslims.

Hindu supremacist monk conducts Hindu rituals Inside mosque in West Bengal

Hindu extremist monk Maharaj Hiranmoy Goswami, accompanied by other Hindu supremacists, conducted Hindu rituals inside the premises of the Adina Mosque in Malda, West Bengal, deliberately violating a minority place of worship. 

Cases of Hindu extremists performing rituals in mosques to “claim” them are increasing. Recently, Hindu rituals were conducted in the basement of the historic Gyanvapi mosque after a court allowed Hindus to pray in the sealed cellar, which Hindu extremists have been seeking to take control over and convert to a temple for years. 

BJP minister hosts Hindu extremist monk who has called for a genocide of Muslims

Goa Chief Minister and BJP leader Pramod Sawant hosted extremist monk Paramhans Acharya, who has repeatedly called for genocide of Indian Muslims. 

In an interview with the Indian publication Times Express, Acharya said, “I requested Narendra Modi to make me the Prime Minister of India for one day, preferably Friday (a Muslim holy day), and I shall cleanse this country of Muslims.”

Court acquits Hindu extremists accused of killing Muslims in 2020 pogrom 

Four Hindu men accused of murdering two Muslims during the 2020 anti-Muslim pogrom in Delhi have been acquitted by a court. 

Despite some circumstantial evidence, including call detail records, recovery of weapons, and clothing allegedly belonging to the accused, the court said it found it insufficient to prove that the accused were involved in the lynchings.