After Babri Masjid, India's far-right seeks to raze several other mosques - IAMC
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After Babri Masjid, India’s far-right seeks to raze several other mosques



Indian Muslims worry that several mosques will meet the fate of Babri Masjid, which was first demolished by Hindu mobs in 1992 and then officially handed over to the Hindu community in 2019.


For Muniza Khan, an activist in north India’s Uttar Pradesh (UP) state, the recent petitions in lower courts to probe the origins of three mosques is “another shoddy chapter” in Indian politics.


“This time mosques may not be knocked down like it was when Babri Masjid was demolished,” she said, pausing for thought. “This time the courts may approve construction of temples, razing the mosques.”… Buoyed by the 2019 judgement, lawyers “with a mission” are regularly filing suits – mostly in UP state – challenging the legality of centuries-old mosques…..