Arundhati Roy: "We Live in an Age of Mini-Massacres"  - IAMC
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Arundhati Roy: “We Live in an Age of Mini-Massacres” 



….Apart from the laws that exist, like the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act…, under which you have hundreds of people now just being picked up and put into jail every day, apart from that fact, every institution that is meant to work as a check against unaccountable power is seriously compromised.


Also, the elections are compromised. I don’t think we have free and fair elections because you have a system now of secret electoral bonds, which allows business corporations to secretly fund political parties….


The most dangerous thing that has happened is that, [as] the last few elections have shown, the BJP has proved that it can win elections without the Muslim vote. That creates a situation, where you have a minority which actually is made up of millions of people who are virtually disenfranchised. That’s a very, very dangerous situation.…