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Assam district tense after Hindu militants policed Muslims for cow slaughter on Eid

Tensions are lingering in Assam state’s Cachar district after the Muslim holiday Eid Al-Adha, during which armed members from the violent Hindu militant group Bajrang Dal raided Muslim homes and attacked Muslim families to police for cow slaughter. 

Muslim residents reported that Bajrang Dal members had gone door to door armed with heavy sticks and sharp objects, checking to see if any households had sacrificed cows for the holiday. 

One resident, Thaner Ahmed, reported that a Hindu militant mob had broken into his home, attacked his brother, and filmed videos inside his house. Another Muslim family was pelted with stones by a Hindu mob while in their car, leaving four people – including a 65-year-old woman and an eight-year-old minor – with minor injuries. 

As cow slaughter is heavily regulated in Assam, Hindu militants have claimed the violent attacks are a way to ensure that no laws are broken and that Hindu sentiments are not hurt.  

However, one Muslim local pushed back, saying, “It is not about cow slaughter. Even if we had sacrificed a goat, they would have made an issue out of that also. Eid’s integral part is livestock sacrifice, and we have been doing this at this very place for more than 200 years.”

Representative of BJP politician urinates on tribal man’s face in Madhya Pradesh

A shocking video from Madhya Pradesh state has gone viral, showing a representative of a lawmaker from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) urinating on the face of a man from India’s marginalized tribal community.

The man, Pravesh Shukla, is reportedly a direct representative and close aide of BJP politician Kedar Nath Shukla. Opposition leaders have vehemently criticized the incident, pointing out that Shukla has been associated with several veteran BJP leaders in Madhya Pradesh.   

Tribals, also known as Scheduled Tribes, are one of India’s historically marginalized communities and continue to face discrimination, dispossession of their land, and violence.

A case has been registered against Shukla.

Hindu supremacist woman with anti-Muslim propaganda page harasses Muslim juice seller

A viral video from Uttarakhand state shows a group of four Hindu supremacist women verbally abusing and harassing a Muslim juice seller on the last day of Eid celebrations.

In the video, the women can be heard calling the seller anti-Muslim slurs, including “jihadi,” and saying, “We don’t eat anything prepared by Muslims, we don’t eat food that has been spat in.”

One of the women, Radha Dhoni, runs a Facebook page dedicated to anti-Muslim hate speech and propaganda with over 40,000 followers. In several videos, she can be seen verbally abusing Muslims and spreading false propaganda claims. 

The juice shop owner has submitted a written complaint to local police reporting Dhoni and the other women for harassment.