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Hindu extremists

BJP leader promises to get cases dropped against Hindu extremists

BJP lawmaker Nitesh Rane encouraged anti-Muslim violence at a hate speech event held in Maharashtra state, telling Hindus “not to worry about police” and promising to get cases filed against Hindu extremists dropped. 

Also speaking at the event was Hindu extremist group leader Milind Ekbote, who encouraged mob lynchings of Muslims. 

“If a cow is killed, then those who kill the cow will be killed as well,” he said. 

Hindu supremacists threaten to drive out Muslims from town in Haryana

Hindu supremacists in Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-ruled Haryana state have threatened to drive Muslims out of a town over an alleged scuffle with Muslim fruit cart sellers. 

A viral video shows several Hindu supremacists spreading anti-Muslim propaganda and threatening to drive Muslims out of the town.  

Recently, Hindu extremist groups in Himachal Pradesh state gave an ultimatum to Muslims to leave the state within 30 days. The groups have held mass rallies, openly threatening violence against Muslims.

Hindu extremist mob pelts stones at mosque in Telangana

A mob of Hindu extremists pelted stones at a mosque in Telangana state’s Gajwel city. A video of the incident shows the mob flooding the streets and raising the Hindu religious slogan “Jai Shree Ram.”

Police have reported that five people have been identified in the stone pelting incident. 

Tensions have been high in Gajwel after a Muslim man was beaten and paraded by Hindu militants on Monday for relieving himself near a statue of a Hindu deity, angering Hindu locals.

Hindu militant groups force meat shop owners to shut down once every week

In the Indian capital of Delhi, members of Hindu militant groups Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal forced numerous Muslim-run meat shops to keep stores shut on Tuesdays, citing the need to honor “Hindu sentiments.”