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Bhopal MP Pragya Singh Thakur’s ‘shudra’ remark sparks row

Bhopal MP Pragya Singh Thakur has triggered a row with her ‘shudra’ remark. Addressing a gathering at the foundation day function of Kshatriya Mahasabha Sabha Rajput Samaj Akhad Bharat on December 12, she had cited dharmashastras (religious scriptures) and said, “Kshatriyas don’t feel bad if we call them kshatriya. 

A brahmin doesn’t feel bad if we call him brahmin. A vaishya doesn’t feel bad if we call him vaishya. But a shudra feels bad if we call him shudra, because of lack of knowledge,” Thakur said….

The state president of the Anoosuchit Jati Morcha of the state BJP Suraj Keroo said, “Senior leaders should think before making such statements.” Congress spokesman JP Dhanopia said, “Though she wears saffron and pretends to be a sadhvi, she is speaking nonsense regarding the community that has been respected by Gandhi”.