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Bloodlust TV: Aman Chopra invents ‘Moradabad Hindu exodus’ to revel in bigotry

As the Uttar Pradesh assembly election draws close, we can expect the usual suspects on Indian news TV to ramp up the communal hatred they have made careers from injecting into the body politic. Aman Chopra of Zee News has been quick out of the blocks, selling a tired “Hindu Khatre Mein Hai” communal conspiracy.

On his daily “debate” show, Taal Thok Ke, on August 3, Chopra railed against a campaign of “zameen jihad” which he declared was forcing Hindu families in Moradabad to migrate en masse. A “serial conspiracy”, whatever that means, was compelling “81 Hindu families to migrate”, the anchor thundered. And not just in Moradabad, Hindus were being driven from their homes elsewhere in Uttar Pradesh as well under a well-oiled plot.

Chopra wasn’t alone revelling in his bigotry. One of his guests was Vinod Bansal, a spokesman of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, who began by comparing the alleged “exodus” in Moradabad to the creation of Pakistan, both, in his warped imagination, the outcomes of “Islamic jihad” and “population explosion”. For good measure, Bansal accused the opposition of “Muslim appeasement”….