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Coming Out As Dalit A Memoir By Yashica Dutt

Coming Out As Dalit A memoir

Yashica Dutt

Ashutosh Kumar Thakur

Price: INR 599

Aleph Book Company, 161, B-4, Ground Floor, Gulmohar House, Yusuf Sarai Community Centre, New Delhi – 110049

…. It’s a slap to our collective humanity that there are people among us who’re living with such fear at a subliminal level….

“Coming Out As Dalit A memoir by Yashica Dutt” is a vital and extensively researched commentary not only on Dalit history but what it means to be a Dalit today. Being skillfully written from the personal perspective of the author gives a powerful edge to what deserves to be a highly influential message. Every chapter can serve as an inspiration to those working towards a post-caste system.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a contemporary introduction to the Dalit movement in India. Not only is it an educational resource, but it is also delivered alongside the narrative of the author’s powerful journey as she comes to embrace and take pride in her Dalit identity.