Court grants bail to Monu Manesar in connection with anti-Muslim violence - IAMC

Court grants bail to Hindu militant responsible for escalating anti-Muslim violence

A court in BJP-ruled Haryana has granted bail to Hindu militant leader Monu Manesar, in connection with his role in escalating anti-Muslim violence in Nuh. A religious procession led by Hindu militant groups on July 31 led to anti-Muslim violence, resulting in the death of a Muslim cleric. 

Manesar, despite this bail, remains in jail as the prime accused in a brutal mob lynching case of two Muslim men, Nasir and Junaid.

X accounts of Indian American Muslim Council, Hindus for Human Rights withheld in India

X, formerly known as Twitter, has withheld the accounts of the United States-based human rights organizations, the Indian American Muslim Council and Hindus for Human Rights in India, in compliance with a legal demand from the Indian government.

The two non-profit organizations who have been carrying out advocacy on subjects related to minority rights and caste inequality in India, said that X offered no explanation for why this demand was made.

YouTube is autogenerating videos for songs advocating expulsion of Muslims from India

Reports have found that YouTube is auto-generating low-budget music videos promoting the expulsion of Muslims from India. These videos, categorized as “Hindutva Pop,” feature static images with Hindu supremacist symbols and incendiary lyrics that have incited violence at religious rallies. The songs glorify Hindu nationalist ideology, aiming to establish India as a Hindu state. Shockingly, YouTube not only hosts these videos but generates them as well.

Despite violating YouTube’s policy against promoting violence or hatred based on religion, these videos are credited as “Auto-generated by YouTube.” Bellingcat, a group that specializes in open-source intelligence, uncovered 114 such videos across 54 channels from May 2019 to September 2023, with a combined view count of over 5.4 million. 

BJP leader calls for shutting down minority institutions like Aligarh Muslim University

In Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, far-right BJP leader Sangeet Som indulged in fear-mongering against Muslims and called for shutting down minority institutions like the renowned Aligarh Muslim University (AMU). Recently, another BJP leader, Raghuraj Singh, called AMU students protesting against Israel’s offensive in Palestine “terrorists” who must be locked up and hanged to death. 

BJP lawmaker delivers anti-Muslim hate speech, continues to violate bail conditions

In Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, during an event organized by Hindu militant groups Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal, BJP lawmaker and serial hatemonger T. Raja Singh gave open calls for violence against Muslims, continuing to violate his conditions for bail by making hate speeches in public.

Last month, Singh called for Muslims to be beheaded during an event in Haryana state. Earlier this year, Singh participated in rallies organized by Hindu militant organizations across India and made calls to subjugate and boycott Muslims. 

Police brutality leaves Muslim minor with severe injuries

Shaikh Hasan, a Muslim minor, was detained by police in Tamil Nadu state on suspicion of a crime, resulting in multiple bone fractures and severe injuries.

The boy’s family claims that he was subjected to physical abuse while in police custody, resulting in severe injuries, including fractures in his hands, legs, and ribs. The police allegedly portrayed the incident as an accident, in an apparent effort to cover up their actions.