Dalit child's 'rape' in Delhi shows all that's wrong with our country - By Kalpana Sharma - IAMC
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Dalit child’s ‘rape’ in Delhi shows all that’s wrong with our country – By Kalpana Sharma

…. Prejudice, poverty, patriarchy. All three came together on August 1, when a 9-year-old Dalit girl, the only child of poor parents, went to a nearby crematorium to fill cold water from the cooler there. She never returned. She was dead by the time her mother saw her. Told that her only child had been electrocuted, the mother watched helplessly as the priest at the crematorium proceeded to cremate the child. “Don’t shout,” he allegedly told her.

This happened in India of 2021, in its national capital, in a week when the parliament was in session, when the most powerful politicians of this country were present in the same city where this little girl lived and died.

Can we then discuss the state of the nation or its politics, or even the state of India’s media, without addressing what this horrific crime represents for India and what it reflects about our society?…