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Ex-SC judge calls out judiciary for ‘insensitivity’

Former Supreme Court judge Madan B. Lokur has called out the judiciary for allowing 20 days to an investigative agency to respond to an 83-year-old ailing inmate’s plea for a straw and a sipper to drink water in jail.

“You will recall very recently the case of one super senior citizen, an 83-year-old person who has been arrested. All that he wanted was – he suffers from Parkinson’s disease – a straw and a sipper because his hand movement is such that he is unable to hold a glass of water…,” Justice Madan B. Lokur said at a virtual programme on Friday.

“And what does the investigating agency say? They say that ‘we need 20 days’ time to file a reply to this request’. What does the judiciary do? The judiciary says ‘all right, we will give you 20 days’ time to file the reply’. Now that is insensitivity,” said Justice Lokur….