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Far-right Hindu leaders call for economic boycott of Muslims in Uttarakhand

In BJP-ruled Uttarakhand’s Garhwal, during a hate rally organized by the Hindu militant group Bajrang Dal, far-right leaders threatened Muslims to leave the town. They also asked Hindus not to rent homes and shops to Muslims. 

Hindu militants in Uttarakhand state have been calling for the ethnic cleansing of Muslims over the past few months. 

In Delhi, Hindu extremists call to make India a Hindu Nation

In the capital city of Delhi, a far-right Hindu outfit, the Hindu Mahasabha, organized a hate event where Hindu extremists made open calls for turning India into a Hindu nation. They also threatened the use of arms and violence. 

Hindu supremacist singers in Haryana post song glorifying violence against Muslims 

Three days ago, when anti-Muslim violence gripped Muslim-majority districts of BJP-ruled Haryana state,  Haryana-based singers Biru Kataria, Rahul Puthi & SS Rana posted a song on YouTube glorifying violent cow vigilantism and calls for burning Muslims alive. 

“Dhyan se sun lo Katwo, Tumhe Zinda Phuke ge (Listen carefully Muslims, we will burn you alive),” reads the lyrics. The video has over 347k views.  

Far-right Hindu leader calls Muslims “insects” 

During a hate event held by Hindu militant groups Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal in Daman and Diu, far-right leader Kajal Shingla in her hate speech, called Muslims “insects.” 

She also peddled conspiracy theories and incited hate and violence against Muslims.

Hindu extremist threatens illegal takeover of Gyanvapi mosque

In BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh’s Jalalabad, Arpit Gupta, a leader of the far-right Hindu group Rashtriya Bajrang Dal delivered a hate speech against Muslims.

He threatened that if the court does not rule in favor of the Hindu takeover of the historic Gyanvapi mosque, extremist mobs are prepared to demolish it illegally.