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anti-Muslim remarks

Federal minister makes anti-Muslim remarks over population report

Federal minister and BJP leader Rajeev Chandrasekhar, claimed that Muslim population growth in India is primarily due to “illegal immigration and conversion.” He remarked that the Muslim community is “outgrowing other communities” and “altering the demography.”

Chandrasekhar was commenting on a report released by India’s Economic Advisory Council, which stated that Hindu population decreased by 7.82% between 1950 and 2015 in India, while that of Muslims increased by 43.15%. However, the report does not explore factors behind the trend. 

Hindu supremacists have routinely indulged in fear-mongering by promoting the bogey of rising Muslim population. Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called Muslims “infiltrators” – signifying that they do not belong in India – and claimed that they “have more children.”

Hindu extremists tie up, beat truck drivers over alleged cattle transport

In Nawada, Bihar, a Hindu extremist mob tied up and beat two truck drivers for allegedly transporting cattle. A similar attack occurred recently in Karnataka, where a Muslim cattle trader was violently attacked by members of the Hindu militant group Bajrang Dal.

Jain monks, Hindu militant leaders visit historic mosque, claim temple existed there

A group of Jain monks and several leaders of the Hindu militant group Vishwa Hindu Parishad visited a historic mosque in Rajasthan’s Ajmer, where they attempted to stake a claim over the place of worship by claiming that a Sanskrit school and a Jain temple existed there around the 11th Century CE. 

Hindu supremacists across India have sought to take historic mosques away from Muslims by claiming that all Muslim structures were built on the remains of Hindu temples. Uttar Pradesh state’s Shahi Idgah mosque and Gyanvapi mosque, both of which are centuries old, have been subject to the slow takeover by Hindu supremacists. 

BJP leaders, Hindu extremists deliver hate speeches ahead of elections

In Jalna, Maharashtra, at an election rally, Federal Minister Amit Shah spread anti-Muslim propaganda to target the opposition party. In the capital city of Delhi, BJP candidate Ramvir Singh Bidhuri delivered a hate speech against Rohingya refugees. In Begusarai, Bihar, BJP leader Giriraj Singh delivered a communal speech against Muslims.

In Mumbai, Maharashtra, Hindu extremist speakers indoctrinated minors through fear-mongering and hatred towards Muslims. In Pune, Hindu extremist Dhananjay Desai called for a take over of mosques in Mathura and Kashi. In Ranchi, Jharkhand, Hindu preacher Divyananad Maharaj delivered a conspiracy theory- filled speech against Muslims.