BJP leaders urge Hindus to take up arms, threaten violence against Muslims - IAMC
violence against Muslims

BJP leaders urge Hindus to take up arms, threaten violence against Muslims

In Budbud, West Bengal, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader urged Hindus to “use weapons like knives and blades” against Muslims. 

In Karimnagar, Telangana, Hindu extremist and BJP lawmaker T. Raja Singh threatened violence against Muslims. “We don’t need 15 minutes, we just need 15 seconds [to kill them],” he said.

In Jalgaon, Maharashtra, BJP candidate Navneet Rana mimed shooting an arrow at a mosque during an election rally. 

Hindu militant cow vigilante leader proudly displays guns, bullets in video

Shrikant Pandit, a Hindu militant associated with the Bajrang Dal and the cow vigilante group Gau Raksha Dal, was seen in videos holding guns and bullets in BJP-ruled Haryana’s Mewat. Multiple videos have surfaced showing him proudly displaying firearms.

In Ramanujganj, Chhattishgarh, a Bajrang Dal leader threatened violence against alleged “cow smugglers.”

The growing weaponization of violent Hindu supremacists is a cause of concern for the minority Muslim community, who are being threatened with mass slaughter by Hindu extremist groups.

BJP leaders display placard “Hindu Rashtra” at election rally

In Jalgaon, Maharashtra, BJP leaders Navneet Rana and Raksha Khadse displayed a placard that read “Hindu Rashtra” (Hindu nation), during an election rally. 

In election rallies across states, BJP ministers have also threatened to take over historic mosques and replace them with temples. 

“We need to liberate Krishna Janambhoomi in Mathura right? And in place of Gyanvapi mosque, we need to build the grand Shiv mandir at Varanasi right?” BJP minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said. 

In Delhi, BJP lawmaker Rakesh Sinha said, “We know how to chop off the fingers of those pointing fingers at Lord Ram, Krishna and Shiva’s mandirs (temples),” referring to Muslims. 

News outlet identifies India’s Muslim population with Pakistan flag, Hindus with Indian flag

Joining the anti-Muslim campaign led by Hindu supremacists, an Indian news outlet used the Pakistani flag to represent the Muslim population in India and the Indian flag to represent the Hindu population during a broadcast.

Hindu supremacists and BJP leaders have been abusing Muslims in India following the release of a report  by India’s Economic Advisory Council, which stated that Hindu population decreased by 7.82% between 1950 and 2015 in India, while that of Muslims increased by 43.15%. However, the report does not explore factors behind the trend.