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Government’s game of prosecution – By A.G. Noorani

Julio Ribeiro, a prince among police officers of the highest rank,… wrote: “I heard Spencer on TV. He came across as a seasoned professional and stated that he had never encountered such bold and clever manipulation. The 10 impugned letters, he said, had been inserted through malware into Wilson’s computer over a period of two years….

The question is who were the sponsors of that man who perpetrated the diabolical plan. But this is far less important than the question who employed and paid him to do the dirty work. This is by no means unprecedented. The D.P. Madon Commission of Inquiry into the Bhiwandi riots of May 1970 exposed a sordid conspiracy to put Muslims of the city on trial on false charges based on concocted evidence….

In all the 73 years of India’s independence, have you ever seen such a swarm of first information reports (FIRs) or such a plague of prosecutions?…