Hate factory: Inside Kapil Mishra's 'Hindu Ecosystem' - By Meghnad S & Shambhavi Thakur  - IAMC
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Hate factory: Inside Kapil Mishra’s ‘Hindu Ecosystem’ – By Meghnad S & Shambhavi Thakur 




If the ever-growing reality of Hindu Rashtra were one big Christmas, Kapil Mishra would be Santa Claus, and the members of his “Hindu Ecosystem” hardworking elves delivering the gift of religious hatred and bigotry, packaged in the seductive wrapping of Hindutva, to the masses, secretly but methodically.


On November 16 last year, Mishra, a former Aam Aadmi Party minister who is now with the BJP and has been accused of inciting the February 2020 Delhi carnage by the victims and activists, posted a tweet asking whoever was interested to fill in a form and join what he described as the “Hindu Ecosystem” team.


…. We filled in the form and became members of the Telegram group. We were later added to other associated groups. Thus we came to have a fly-on-the-wall view of how this ecosystem operates, how it creates propaganda material, how it comes up with toxic narratives, and how it manufactures trends across social media platforms to whip up communal hatred and bigotry….