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Here’s How People Across India Are Helping COVID Patients

India has crossed the 2.5 lakh death mark as per official figures on 12 May. The country has been reeling under acute shortage of medical oxygen and medical supplies in the past few weeks. Latest reports suggest that COVID cases have spread in rural areas as well.

However, even as the virus wreaks havoc, some Good Samaritans have been helping COVID patients on an individual level by arranging resources that can save lives.

Khalsa Aid, an NGO, has been working round the clock to provide humanitarian aid in various parts of the country. They have been extending help to the government in Delhi and on learning about shortage of oxygen cylinders in Punjab, decided to assist the state government by providing oxygen concentrators.

Similarly, auto rickshaw drivers in some cities have taken the responsibility to attach oxygen cylinders to their autos to help out COVID patients when they are unable to find ambulances. One such auto-rickshaw driver is Javed Khan, who says he has learned to use an oxygen cylinder and oximeter from a doctor and has been ferrying COVID patients to hospitals.

Watch the video to find out more about individuals who have been helping out COVID patients in these distressing times.


This story first appeared on The Quint