Hindu American Groups Attack Conference on 'Dismantling Global Hindutva' to be Held in 40 Universities Across North America  - IAMC
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Hindu American Groups Attack Conference on ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’ to be Held in 40 Universities Across North America 


A virtual conference – ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’ – scheduled for next month, is facing resistance from Hindu American groups, for its partisan and Hinduphobic motives. The three-day conference, co-sponsored and supported by departments and centers at over 40 universities in North America, will explore “the threat and power of Hindutva, its historical development, the fascist dimensions of the ideology, its alignment with other supremacist movements and define all that is at stake across a range of political, socio-cultural, and economic issues,” per its website.


On its Twitter page, organizers of the conference said: “We are invested in examining the beliefs and actions that constitute Hindutva, an ideology that propagates hate, promotes Islamophobia, and seeks to reduce the myriad practices of Hinduism to a singular notion of a Hindu motherland.”…


Organizers have emphasized to American Kahani “how totally inaccurate the narrative of this conference being Hinduphobic peddled by Hindutva-affiliated groups is.” They “consider Hindutva to be the most significant threat to Hinduism’s pluralist ethos, as well as to efforts to fight ills in Indian society like casteism….