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Hindu extremist convicted in bomb attack assaults Muslim cattle traders in Gujarat

Bhavesh Patel, a Hindu extremist leader convicted in the horrific bombing of a Muslim shrine, brutally assaulted a Muslim cattle trader and his brother in Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-ruled Gujarat state. Patel was sentenced to life imprisonment for his involvement in the bombing of a Muslim shrine in Ajmer city in 2007, but has been out on bail since 2018. 

Dalit professor reports assault, sexual harassment at the hands of colleagues and students

A Dalit assistant professor at a university in Uttar Pradesh state has accused two other assistant professors and two students of assaulting and sexually harassing her. The victim reported that the accused “regularly talked about stripping her and making her do rounds of the university,” and at one point came to her room and threatened to kill her.

“I came out of my chamber and then the other accused shut the door of the department,” she stated. “One of the men held me and tried to do inappropriate things with me after tearing my clothes.”

Police have filed a case against the accused. 

Hindu militants thrash Muslim drivers for beef transport in Haryana, seize trucks in Rajasthan

Violent cow vigilante attacks continue to occur throughout India. In Haryana state, members of Hindu militant leader Monu Manesar’s cow vigilante group thrashed two Muslim drivers over suspicion of transporting beef. In Rajasthan state, Hindu militants from the Bajrang Dal seized two trucks that were transporting cattle.

Hindu supremacist leader says Indian Muslims must move to Pakistan or Bangladesh

Hindu supremacist leader Ramji Tiwari from the Antarashtriya Hindu Parishad delivered a hate speech in Uttar Pradesh state, saying that “India belongs only to Hindus” and demanding Muslims to leave India and live in Pakistan or Bangladesh. He went on to add that Hindu extremists “would take over Pakistan and raise the saffron flag there.”