Bittu Bajrangi, who incited anti-Muslim violence in Haryana, gets bail - IAMC
Bittu Bajrangi

Hindu militant who incited anti-Muslim violence in Haryana gets bail

Hindu militant cow vigilante Bittu Bajrangi, who was earlier arrested for using hate speech to incite mass anti-Muslim violence in Haryana state, has been granted bail despite the immediate threat his influence poses to Muslims throughout Haryana. 

Bajrangi was named in a police complaint as being at the forefront of a mob that threatened and manhandled police officials who attempted to stop them from marching in a Hindu extremist procession while armed. 

The violence triggered by Hindu extremists in Haryana led to six deaths and the arson and vandalism of Muslim-owned homes, businesses, and places of worship. 

Hindu militant justifies brutal murders of Muslim men, threatens to kill “cow smugglers”

In Haryana state, which remains tense after the recent outbreak of anti-Muslim violence, a leader of the Hindu militant group Bajrang Dal made a disturbing hate speech during which he justified the horrific mob lynching and burning of two Muslim men, Junaid and Nasir, in February. The Hindu militant speaker also openly threatened to kill “cow smugglers,” referring to Muslims who deal with cattle.  

Hindu militants shout violent anti-Muslim slogans in police custody

A viral video has surfaced showing a bus full of Hindu militants in police custody shouting violent anti-Muslim slogans, including, “When Muslims are cut up, they will cry Ram Ram.” The militants were detained during an attempt to take a violent Hindu procession to Nuh district, where Muslims remain reeling from the recent outbreak of violence. 

Hate speeches made in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra

Hate speech events continue to be held throughout India. At an event in Maharashtra, Hindu extremist monk Kalicharan Mahraj – who was previously arrested for referring to Gandhi as “a wart that could lead to cancer” and praising Gandhi’s assassin – made an anti-Muslim hate speech and called on Hindus to militarize themselves.   

At another event in Uttar Pradesh, Vishwa Hindu Parishad President Alok Kumar made a hate speech spreading anti-Muslim propaganda and demonizing Islam.