Teachers booked after in-school casteist abuse against Dalit teen - IAMC
Dalit student

Teachers booked after in-school casteist abuse against teenage Dalit student

As casteist violence and hatred continues to claim lives across India, two teachers were booked in Rajasthan state after a teenaged Dalit student reported that the teachers hurled casteist comments and slurs at him, reportedly leading him to commit suicide. 

The victim, Sachin Kuldeep, told his father over a phone call that two of his 10th grade teachers had been using casteist slurs and humiliating him for several days. He added that when he brought his complaints to the school administration, his concerns were dismissed. Hours later, Kuldeep was found dead by hanging. Police are investigating whether his death was a suicide or murder. 

Hindu supremacist teacher makes hateful anti-Muslim comments during class

A case has been filed against a Hindu supremacist teacher at a school in Delhi for making hateful anti-Muslim comments in the presence of her 9th grade Muslim students. 

The teacher, Hema Gulati, made degrading and false claims about Islam and Muslims while students were celebrating India’s recent moon landing. 

“The teacher claimed that there is darkness in the hearts of Muslims because the Kaaba [a Muslim holy site] is black,” reported the sister of one of the students. “She also said that Muslims have conquered everything by violence and that we slaughter animals.”

Students also reported that Gulati said, “Your Quran is nothing, but our Gita is [something real]. You are not an Indian.” 

Hindu extremists demolish Muslim shrine with sledgehammers

Members of a Hindu extremist group demolished a Muslim shrine with sledgehammers in Uttarakhand state. A video of the incident shows a mob of extremists bashing the shrine with hammers while chanting Hindu nationalist slogans.  

Driver who lost job over stopping bus to allow Muslims to pray commits suicide

In a deeply tragic incident, a bus driver who faced Hindu supremacist backlash and was suspended from his job for allowing Muslims to pray, ended his life by jumping in front of a moving train. 

The driver, Mohit Yadav, had faced the extreme ire of Hindu supremacists for stopping his bus for a few extra moments to allow his Muslim passengers to finish praying, to the point where he was suspended by his higher-ups. His friend stated that after he lost his job, Yadav struggled with financial instability and deep depression.