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Dalit youth lynched

Dalit youth lynched, mother stripped and assaulted after he refused to withdraw sexual assault case

In a horrific incident, a Hindu extremist mob lynched a 20-year-old Dalit man, Nitin Ahirwar, after he refused to withdraw a sexual harassment case he had filed against the mob leader, Vikram Singh, for harassing Ahirwar’s sister. 

The mob beat Ahirwar to death with sticks and rods. When his mother attempted to save him, she was stripped and beaten as well.   

Hindu extremists, including 2 minors, leave Muslim man wounded in brutal knife attack

A group of Hindu extremists, including two minors, brutally beat a Muslim man with a pipe and stabbed him multiple times with knives in Madhya Pradesh state. The victim, Sheikh Wahid, was left covered with stab wounds.   

Group of Dalits, including 2 minors, stripped and beaten over theft allegations

In another disturbing case of casteist violence, three Dalits – including two minors – were brutally beaten, lashed, and subjected to public humiliation by being hanged upside-down from a tree by their hands and feet. The perpetrators of the horrific incident accused the victims of stealing pigeons and filmed the attack. The victims can be seen crying and pleading their innocence in the video.   

Teacher who told students to slap Muslim child is “not ashamed”

A Hindu teacher who forced several students to slap a 7-year-old Muslim student has responded to the widespread outrage against her by claiming she is “not ashamed” of subjecting the child to assault and hateful anti-Muslim comments. 

“We need to control the children in schools. This is how we tackle them,” said the teacher, Tripta Tyagi, adding, “This was unnecessarily turned into a big issue.”

In a video of the incident, Tyagi orders several students to slap the Muslim child until he is crying. She scolds one student for not hitting the victim hard enough, and adds, “Muslim students whose mothers do not pay attention to their education, their education will be destroyed.” The child later reported that Tyagi also said, “Muslims should be beaten up.”

The child’s father recounted the incident to reporters, saying, “The teacher made the students beat my child again and again… My seven-year-old child was tortured for an hour or two. He is scared.”

Hindu militant forcibly hands interfaith couple over to police 

Hindu militant leader Ashok Baba, an associate of Hindu militant cow vigilante leader and murder accused Monu Manesar, forcibly delivered an interfaith couple to the police. He had intercepted the couple at a local courthouse, where they had intended to formalize their marriage.

Muslim journalist Mohammed Zubair targeted, booked by UP police 

Muslim journalist and prominent fact-checker Mohammed Zubair was singled out in a police report filed by Uttar Pradesh police, booking him for revealing the identity of the child who was slapped by his classmates via his fact-checking account on X (formerly known as Twitter). However, Zubair had done so prior to a tweet made by the chairperson of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights ordering people not to reveal the child’s identity.

Though Zubair deleted his tweet with videos of the incident, a police report was still filed against him.  

“I am the only one named in the FIR even though many others including media outlets posted the video,” he reported.

Zubair has been a prime target for legal harassment by Hindu supremacists for his work to fact-check far right propaganda and debunk fake news.