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Hindu teacher forces students to slap 8-year-old Muslim student

In a deeply disturbing incident in Uttar Pradesh state, a Hindu teacher forced students to slap an 8-year-old Muslim student to the point where he was crying. In a video of the incident, the teacher, Tripta Tyagi, orders several students to slap the Muslim child and scolds one student for not hitting the victim hard enough. 

Tyagi can also be heard making anti-Muslim comments, saying, “Muslim students whose mothers do not pay attention to their education, their education will be destroyed.” The child later reported that Tyagi also said, “Muslims should be beaten up.”

The video has sparked immediate outrage among the Muslim community, as well as activists and politicians. The victim’s father plans to press charges against Tyagi for the incident, and the school has also announced that it will take action.

Court says police made “artificial statements” about Muslim man in Delhi 2020 violence case

A Delhi court found that police made “artificial statements” falsely implicating a Muslim man in a case relating to the 2020 Delhi violence, during which 53 people – the majority of them Muslims – were killed. 

The court stated that the police filed a chargesheet against the accused, Javed, in a “mechanical manner without actually investigating the incidents properly.” Javed was then acquitted. 

Extremists in West Bengal chant “shoot the traitors to the nation,” hate speech in Uttar Pradesh

Hindu extremists in West Bengal state held a rally during which extremists marched through the streets shouting hateful and violent anti-Muslim slogans, including “shoot the traitors to the nation” – a quote from a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader who was speaking about Muslims.

Another hateful event was held in Uttar Pradesh state, where Hindu extremist group leader Manoj Kumar demonized Islam and called on Hindus to “pick up swords.”