Associate of Monu Manesar shares video of bloodied Muslim truck driver - IAMC

Associate of Monu Manesar shares video of bloodied Muslim truck driver

Hindu extremist cow militia member Hariom Tanwar, an associate of the murder-accused cow vigilante leader Monu Manesar, shared a graphic video showing Hindu militants flanking a Muslim truck driver with blood flowing from his mouth. 

The victim, Zubair, was beaten by cow vigilantes in Rajasthan state for transporting cattle. 

Muslim woman ordered to remove hijab before taking exam in Tamil Nadu

A Muslim teacher, Shabana, was ordered to remove her hijab while taking an exam in Tamil Nadu state. Shabana reported that fifteen minutes after the exam began, she was ordered to remove her hijab. 

“The school correspondent spoke loudly and stated she would not let me take the exam if I was wearing a hijab. She took my writing pad, kept it outside, and instructed me to leave the exam room and only return after taking off my hijab,” Shabana said. 

While Shabana refused to remove her hijab until the school officials acquiesced, she added that the ordeal left her in no state to finish her exam. 

Major rightwing news host uses India’s moon landing to spread anti-Muslim hate

Serial hatemonger and Editor-in-Chief of a major Hindu extremist television news network, Suresh Chavhanke, used India’s historic moon landing to spread anti-Muslim hate on X (formerly known as Twitter).

In one post, Chavhanke posted an offensive cartoon showing Muslims on the moon pelting stones at the Chandrayaan 3 lander. In another post, Chavhanke mockingly asked people to send in videos of celebratory fireworks from mosques along with the hashtag “Chandramaa par Bhagwa,” or “Saffron on the Moon,” referring to the color that symbolizes Hinduism as well as the Hindu supremacist movement. 

Hate speech events held in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh

Hate speech events continue to take place throughout India. In Madhya Pradesh, a large crowd of Hindus gathered to hear hate speakers at an event organized by the violent Hindu militant group Bajrang Dal. In Uttar Pradesh state, serial hatemonger Yati Narsinganand, who is well known for being a speaker at a 2021 hate speech event calling for a Muslim genocide, advocated for violence at yet another event.