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Hindu extremists attack Muslim

Hindu extremists attack Muslim cattle traders in Karnataka

A mob of cow vigilantes from the Hindu extremist group Sri Ram Sena attacked Muslim cattle traders in Karnataka state. The violent mob forcibly stopped a cattle transport van and severely beat the driver and cattle owner, who are now hospitalized. The extremists also filed a complaint against the victims under a controversial law that imposes a near-complete ban on cow slaughter in the state. 

Across Uttar Pradesh, Hindu extremists rally to convert historic mosques into temples

Across BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh state, Hindu extremists rallied in favor of demolishing centuries-old mosques and turning them into Hindu temples. In Shahjahanpur, Hindu extremists held a rally demanding that the historic Gyanvapi mosque be converted into a temple. In Maharajganj, Hindu extremists raised slogans to convert famous mosques in Mathura and Varanasi into Hindu places of worship. 

Hindu extremist leaders have long been threatening the illegal demolition of these historic mosques by extremist mobs.

Muslims targeted in Uttarakhand, Hindu extremists make open threats

In Hindu supremacist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-ruled Uttarakhand state, a mob of Hindu extremists assembled outside two Muslim households in Vikasnagar. The mob, chanting slogans invoking religious fervor, openly challenged law enforcement officers in the presence of media personnel. They also vandalized fruit and vegetable carts belonging to Muslims, which were parked along the roadside. 

Hindu supremacist leader says Hindus could kill thousands of Muslims in one day

During an anti-Muslim hate speech event in Bihar state, a Hindu supremacist leader spread anti-Muslim conspiracy theories and called on India to “follow Israel’s footsteps,” alluding to the state’s brutal occupation of Palestinians. He also made open calls for violence against Muslims, claiming that the Hindus could “kill thousands of Muslims in just a day’s time.”