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Hindu Extremists Mob Attack

Hindu extremist mob attacks Muslims in Bihar state; destroy mosques, homes

Amid increasing calls for a genocide of Indian Muslims, Hindu extremists in Bihar state attacked mosques and several homes belonging to the Muslim community.

Several Muslim residents and three police personnel were attacked and injured. 

On the basis of video evidence, police have arrested 49 people.


Kashmiri man’s body found over two months after detained by Indian army 

More than two months after he went missing while in army custody, the body of a Kashmiri Muslim man, Abdul Rashid Dar, was recovered from a forested area in a semi-decomposed state.

Shabir Ahmad, Dar’s brother, accused the army of killing him in custody. 

The army had alleged that Dar escaped from custody. However, Ahmad said that “the theory of his escape in the most militarized zone of Kashmir is a blatant lie to cover up the murder.”

“There were red marks on his body as if it had been set on fire. His face was visibly damaged,” Ahmad said. 

Dar was picked up from his residence on December 15 last year by army soldiers without informing the police, as the standard operating procedure demands.

According to human rights activists, more than 8,000 persons have gone missing in Kashmir since 1989. Although the bodies of some were found, most remain untraced. 

Dar is a resident of Kunan village. Khera Begum, Dar’s mother, was one of the twenty-three women brutally raped by Indian army personnel in February 1991 in Kunan Poshpora villages in Kashmir.

Over 4 days, Hindu supremacist BJP involved in 668 cases of violence in Tripura

Since Hindu supremacist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) emerged victorious in the election results declared on March 2, over 668 incidents of violence have taken place in Tripura state, an opposition party has said. 

The Communist Party of India-Marxist CPI(M) said that at least three persons were killed while over 100 were injured in the episodes of violence unleashed by the BJP. 

In view of the series of attacks since March 2, thousands of people, including women and children, fled from their homes,” CPI(M) leader Jitendra Chowdhury said.  

“BJP goons and party workers attacked people, burning down their houses and properties,” he added. “Police remained silent spectators and refused to register FIRs.” 

238 people were arrested in connection with the violent incidents, but were released after only a brief period in custody.