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Muslim bookseller

Hindu extremist women physically assault Muslim bookseller over baseless allegations

In Madhya Pradesh state, a Muslim man was physically assaulted by a group of Hindu extremist women associated with Hindu militant group Vishwa Hindu Parishad at a book fair for allegedly noting down their contacts. The women dragged the victim, Waqar Saleem, by his collar, slapped him repeatedly, and forcibly pulled him out of his stall. While he sat on the ground outside, a man kicked him. Saleem’s wallet was also taken away, and his mobile phone was broken. 

BJP leader threatens non-Hindus with beheading amid nationwide hate speech incidents

In Rajasthan, a BJP lawmaker, Mahant Balaknath Yogi, delivered a hate speech during which he threatened non-Hindus with beheading by the sword and called Muslims “monsters.” During an event in Maharashtra state, leaders of Hindu extremist groups delivered hate speeches against Muslims and called for anti-Muslim violence. In Haryana, Hindu extremist leaders promoted hatred against Muslims and justified the use of guns by Hindu cow vigilantes.  

Hindu residents disrupt Christian community meeting in Karnataka 

In Karnataka’s Karwar district, a group of Hindus disrupted a monthly committee meeting held by local Christians over baseless suspicion of forced religious conversions taking place. The criminalization of religious conversion away from Hinduism has resulted in increased Hindu extremist violence against Muslims and Christians.