Hindu militant flags raised during New Jersey parade - IAMC
New Jersey Parade

Hindu far-right supporters march with Bajrang Dal flags in New Jersey

During an Indian Independence Day parade held in Edison, New Jersey, a group of Hindu far-right supporters raised the flags of the Bajrang Dal, a Hindu militant group that is well known for taking part in violent crimes – including mob lynchings – against minorities. The individuals were violating the rules of the parade, which prohibited raising any flags other than the Indian and American national flags.   

Just last year, Hindu far-right supporters flaunted a bulldozer as part of the same parade. The bulldozer is seen as a hate symbol that celebrates the destruction of Muslim-owned homes and businesses under India’s Hindu supremacist government. 

Cow vigilantes lynch Muslim man in Assam

In yet another horrifying mob lynching case, a Hindu extremist mob beat a 40-year-old Muslim man, Hifzur Rahman, to death over accusations of stealing cattle in Assam state. 

The victim’s family lodged a police complaint after Rahman was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Out of eight suspects, six Hindu extremists have been arrested for the murder. 

Hindu extremist leaders threaten police not to stop hate speeches despite warnings

In Haryana state, Hindu extremists threatened police with violence if they intervened to stop hate speeches at a mass village council meeting in Palwal city, despite a warning from the state government that hate speeches will result in strict action.

“If you raise a finger, we will cut off your hands,” one speaker reportedly threatened. 

Hindu militant religious procession to resume in Haryana after massive anti-Muslim violence

As Haryana continues to reel from the aftermath of anti-Muslim violence across the state, local leaders have announced that a religious procession organized by the Hindu militant group Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) will resume on August 28.

The outbreak of violence was initially sparked after the VHP’s procession paraded through the Muslim-majority district of Nuh, leading to the torching of mosques and cars, the vandalism of Muslim-owned homes, and a number of deaths and injuries.

Imam assaulted by mob over claims of forced conversions

An imam was assaulted by a Hindu mob over claims of forcibly converting Hindus to Islam in Uttar Pradesh state. In a video of the incident, Hindu men and a woman can be seen surrounding the imam, shouting threats while striking him and attempting to take his phone away.