Hundreds of Muslims flee Gurugram city in violence-struck Haryana - IAMC

Hundreds of Muslims flee Gurugram city in violence-struck Haryana

Hundreds of Muslims have begun fleeing Haryana state’s Gurugram city, which became one of the epicenters of anti-Muslim violence in the state after a Hindu militant procession triggered violence in nearby Nuh district. 

“Hindu groups are openly spreading hate against us… [they] are announcing to boycott Muslims,” said Ahmad Khan, one of the many Muslims fleeing the city. 

“Police and administration completely failed to protect Muslims in their own country,” he added. “Hindus think everything in this country belongs to them: the police, the administration, and now even the roads. It is as if we Muslims have no rights.”

Muslim man threatened by Haryana police for registering case against Hindu mob

In the aftermath of the Haryana violence, a Muslim man in Nuh has reported that local police threatened him into not registering a complaint against the Hindu mob that pelted stones at his house.

“They verbally abused me and threatened to arrest me in a false case if I didn’t take back my complaint,” said 53-year-old Mohammad Talha. “They forced me to sign a paper on which it was written that I don’t want to take forward my complaint.”

He added, “They also wanted me to sign a paper on which it was written that I saw Muslims attacking policemen… But I refused to sign it.”

Hindu militants protest Muslims praying in Uttarakhand state

Members of the violent Hindu militant groups Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad organized a protest against a state development authority in Uttarakhand, angered by the fact that Muslims were using an apartment for congregational prayers. The militants complained that the space was “being turned into a mosque.”  

Dalit village leader forbidden from touching Indian flag on Independence Day

In yet another incident of caste-based discrimination, a Dalit village leader in Madhya Pradesh state was forbidden from touching or hoisting the Indian flag on Independence Day. He reported that an upper-caste teacher at a local school did not allow him to touch the flag at an event. 

Cow vigilante arrested for inciting violence in Haryana state

A prominent Hindu militant and cow vigilante, Bittu Bajrangi, was arrested in Haryana state for circulating hate speeches and inciting anti-Muslim violence in Nuh district. 

Before the Hindu militant procession that sparked the violence took place, Bajrangi had made hateful and provocative comments in a livestream, which was then circulated widely on social media.